I recently ordered several faux leather jackets from Macys and although I’m not keeping them I’ll post a quick review in case others are interested. I’ve wanted a leather jacket for quite a while but have never found the right one. It would be an outdoor topper for me in fall and spring and an indoor topper in winter. Faux leather is of course less expensive than real leather and I’ve seen some fabrications that were nice enough, so I thought I’d give it a try.

The moto jacket style rarely fits me well but I do love it. I generally have to go a bit big in the shoulders to get a good fit around the hip area, and that tends to make the sleeves too long and the overall silhouette too bulky. Petite sizes would fit better but there seem to be less of them available. I ordered all of these in M and L but none fit right so all are going back.

The Guess one with embroidery struck me as just right for
a teenage girl. I really like the embroidery trend (as discussed in a recent
blot posting) but this particular color combination wasn’t up my alley. Also the fabrication of the faux leather was
not so nice, let’s just say it was super obvious that it was faux

The Calvin Klein had really nice styling with a small belt in the back, but the large black collar was again very obviously faux.

The Ralph Lauren was nicely made, and the pinstripe fabric was unusual, but I didn’t care for all the hardware on the lapels. The faux
leather material was a bit nicer than the previous two.

The two Lucky Brand ones (cognac suede and "bordo" ) were much
nicer material. The cognac one was like ultrasuede, quite a bit softer than real suede. These two also fit much better, although not quite right.

These jackets were not exactly inexpensive, with the Lucky ones having original prices of $200 and $220 …and I’m thinking they are not really that great a value compared to real leather, especially if it’s on sale. I also just did a quick search on Nordstrom.com and do see quite a few ones in petite sizes. I’ll keep looking and will also include other styles and maybe I’ll eventuall find the one with my name on it.

Would love to hear your thoughts!