Hi, all -- I've been scarce here due to heavier than usual workload. But I wanted to update you on a nice returns moment.

Remember the Kit & Ace returns I needed to make? One was final sale. I knew I had no recourse, but decided to take it with me for in-store returns, just in case I could wheedle an exchange. Ooops! The store is GONE. No more Victoria Kit & Ace.

I had a bit of a hassle organizing a mail return, as their website returns process was broken. But I reached out and got a label and sealed the package -- only to remember that the final sale trousers were still inside! Oh well, I figured. At least they'd be able to resell them.

To my immense surprise, they returned my money for the regular priced items and sent a gift card for those trousers! Must have been someone's kind deed for the day.