LOL I think you look great, just casual. You wear that color well, actually. I remember you mentioning he wears a hockey jersey every weekend so he has no room to talk! My husband stays quiet when I wear something really grungy and dumpy (although I try to get rid of the stuff that’s really looking badly past it’s prime — even some of my stretched-out tees that have become sleepwear are starting to look really sad). And then he will tell me I look cute when I’m wearing something super basic but it usually means he likes the graphic on the tee I’m wearing. Like the one in the finds below.

I have those pants — at least I think they’re the same ones — in black. Great pants! But I kinda wish I’d gotten a color that shows the dog hair a little less.

I agree with others, not encouraging unnecessary hoarding but look at things more as to whether you like them, and less as to whether you seem to “ need” them right now.

For me also, blazers and other jackets seem very over represented ( though interestingly I have only a few “ blazers” because I didn’t wear those routinely for work). I am pretty sure “ jackets R me” in some way or another, but it’s hard not to think that the nicer or more tailored ones are just imaginary right now because- not just we hardly go anywhere, but because I don’t go somewhere INSIDE often or stay long.
Nicer jackets for me have been not so much outdoor wear for really cool weather but indoors for all seasons because of a/c. For outdoor activities I would wear more of sports gear, and in real winter , even brief errands, I would wear some kind of a coat.
So the things I can’t do now but HOPE to do in a year or so where I go to restaurants, movies, plays, museums, concerts, church events, - even if casual jeans/ joggers, I think I will wear some of these jackets. Or will re- review then.
I say “ blazers” or structured jackets because I need the structure and shoulder definition and have liked that for decades, so I think will continue until something else happens. For others, it might be nice bombers or some other styles.

Unfrumped - exactly . Blazers are also limited to a few weeks’ wear a year here and are way over represented in my closet .

Janet - I have resigned myself to looking dumpy most of the time at home . I don’t tuck and fuss and look for body flattery at home - it’s too hard and those kinds of clothes aren’t comfortable anyways . I wish I looked cuter - but I’m at a loss these days and it’s getting worse instead of better .

Geez, LIsaP....I think you look great! Casual, fab, yeah, I would need some shoes, but seriously, does your DH need glasses??!! I think you look great, and loving the hair color on you. At 43 years married for me, my hubby would not DARE comment negatively about my outfit...

Lisa, Sanctuary definitely makes the best pants. I would love to find the corduroy ones.

Haha, nothing wrong with this outfit! Shouldn't he know better?

Love this outfit! Most of us do care on some level what our partners think of our outfits, but in this case boo on him! I just looked at Sanctuary's web site - I want their entire fall collection. Is this a rabbit hole I see before me???

LOL, I really appreciate your DH's high expectations, it 200% prooves your marriage is NOT death yet!:-)
OTOH, You really craked me up with the positively highest expectations assumed on YLF community:
" Well a proper YLF’r would have at least semi tucked that tshirt , put on some earrings , and touched up the lipstick , or maybe not even be caught dead in a shapeless oversized t shirt..."
I like to think we don't all cook for families, clean the house and walk the dogs with lipstick on--you see, even Angie is wearing lipgloss only (to her fab mesh dress:-)) when doing chores... so please don't be so hard on (y)ourselves!

I think the outfit looks perfectly comfortable, fab and casual. My husband notices nothing that I wear, I swear I could come downstairs with a mens suit on and a wig, he wouldn't bat an eye lol.
I reached a mile stone birthday last month and am feeling antsy about starting another closet cull, out with the old that I never wear and stop keeping for "just in case "

And if you are at home, I don't see a problem with it. You look fab no matter what.

Love it very much!

I am so late here but I'm laughing -- that's the way to answer him! So there!!!!

I think what he really was worried about was the reappearance of that t-shirt .....about 3 days last week Concerned that my retirement look was going to be "aging out of shape hippie" . Lol.