Hi everyone,

I feel like I've learned a lot in the last few weeks, and one learning is that my efforts to find perfect-pieces-that-last-for-all-time and organizing-a-perfect-capsule-to-last-for-all-time has actually resulted in more stress and waste that was entirely necessary.

That said, I still plan to try to be organized and intentional in my shopping - but I want to do it with more realistic expectations, and worry less about capsules and more about good, solid outfits that work for my lifestyle. Also, if I create room for turnover, then I can buy less pieces that are perhaps a little more interesting, and not increase my overall consumption (and perhaps even reduce it?) Does that make any sense?

Here's my question - how long do you expect certain items to last - not just in terms of actually wearing out, but in terms of staying current, you still enjoying them, etc. Obviously not looking for hard-and-fast rules, but rough ideas.

For example, I was annoyed with myself for wanting to replace "new" black pants that are still in good shape. Then I realized, these black pants, for which I paid less than $100, are five years old and took me through a year of working in a daycare, as well pretty much any occasion which called for bottoms a little nicer than jeans for the last 5 years. And because my lifestyle is uber-casual and they are dressier, they are still in good enough shape to donate and will serve someone well. Now how ridiculous is that ... same for a pair of black flats that are the same age if not older, served the same function, and were equally reasonable-to-me, at probably around $100.

I feel like I need to let myself off the guilt hook just a tad here ... I'm thinking five years is maybe not bad for dress pants or a pair of basic shoes? Tops maybe a couple of years is reasonable? Of course all the better if they last longer! Maybe a wool coat should have a longer shelf life than 5 years, or a classic blazer.

Love to hear what your personal expectations, philosophy and/or guidelines are! Thanks!