Feeling sheepish because I just ordered a ton of stuff I don't need. And don't even necessarily want!

I don't usually do this. And I was supposed to be saving up for NAS.

I know what I'm up to. It is getting close to the anniversary of my mum's death.

Anyway, all of it was on sale and all of it is returnable. It could be a while before I receive most of it, with the Canadian postal strike. And by then I'll have had time to get a grip on myself.

Copying LisaP on the Kenzie tank (though it will not suit me as well).

Got the earrings today and will return; they don't look good on me.

The BR sequin culottes are not returnable -- a $26 wild card. Fortunately they fit and seem like they might add a fun element to my small dressy capsule.

I couldn't resist trying an Equipment silk shirtdress for $100. CoH jeans on clearance -- if the fabrication is right they will make me happy. And the shirt is a top pick and a good replacement for my old pale chambray shirt which doesn't flatter me any more with my grey hair.

Sunglasses are the main reason I ordered. I lost mine the other day in the park and I know I love Wayfarers.