Loved Firecracker's new dress post and I found this prior blog post by Angie that summed up the HEWI-hunt.
Unfortunately it's still true! I think there has been some shift in lengths to a bit longer, but still hard to come by.
I measured once, but I think I need at least 38" length and maybe a smidge more--and that's even with tights. Whatever it is, there is a specific sweet spot that is "elegantly energetic", whereas too short and I feel I look juvenile (even if not indecent, with tights anyway), yet too long or midi-length either look droopy or demand more from footwear and proportions.
I was re-reminded and inspired to keep looking at the boxier shapes. These can be tricky if too shapeless, but many typical sweater dresses are way too body-con. Have had some luck with empire or styles that have tucking on top and flare out, but again, so often are still short.

Has anyone found a particular brand or style this year that ticks all the boxes for you?