I've been MIA for awhile but wanted to check in. I've missed you all!
About 3 months ago I left Colorado for a new job in Arizona. The job has been great and I'm finally feeling like I'm settling in. My SO moved with me (he is from Arizona originally, so we moved back to his hometown) and we love the little place we've rented together (for a rental! that is). He is still looking for work after a job offer fell through for him at the last minute recently.

I didn't purchase much in early 2015 after having added to my bottoms and boots capsule heavily in the fall of 2014. I was also anticipating the end of my work contract. I struck out with spring shopping until after NAS, where I found some new canvas sneakers and became a huge fan of the Madewell courier shirt. Around that time I also picked up my first tube skirt and a couple of tops.

I also purchased a few light fall/winter items. In late August I got word about the AZ job and reevaluated my NAS purchasing (thanks to Nordie's generous return policy and Angie's wisdom). The SO and I made a fly-by night trip in September to find a rental, then moved in early October and I went to work in November. I'm so glad that I listened to Angie's advice on waiting to shop for Arizona! In just over 4 months I've figured the following things out:

1) Sandals are going to be a much bigger part of my life
2) my largely black wardrobe doesn't feel as natural in this environment outside of work. Black is too hot to wear when it is truly warm here casually because of how much time is spent living outdoors. Even with sunscreen I have a better tan here and look nice in light colors, plus all of my SO's family have light colored dogs that shed and my black cotton and poly "casual special occasion" pieces attract it-- i.e. the things that I would normally wear to birthday celebrations, christmas parties, etc.
3) I have a greater desire to wear skirts and dresses than ever before, even in the winter. A skirt is one way to get to wear my tall boots in a climatically appropriate way!
4) I need more tops that can be layered but stand alone when they are not layered. In CO I was wearing 3 layers inside and a fourth outside. Here I'm wearing two light layers or 1 warm top inside with a jacket over it for outside. Tops need to be more structured/professional looking and interesting in their own right.
5) I need a winter jacket rather than a coat here. My Colorado puffer remains untouched, but my "indoor jacket" layering pieces don't quite suffice either.
6) Boots are a 3 or 4 month a year thing here. My four pair collection is perfect for that, but I do need to think more about what I'm going to wear during the shoulder seasons (at home I could wear BOOTS).
7) I have a feeling that cropped pants and leggings with tunic dresses are going to become summer work staples in addition to jeans with woven tops. My office is well air-conditioned, so I think jackets and cardis will still be important.
8) Outside of the office I think that hats, dresses, sandals, and shorts are going to become staples.

For F/W 2015/2016 I purchased:
2 button down shirts
1 pair of ponte pants
1 pair of black fashion sneakers
1 hooded sweater
1 v-neck sweater
1 cardigan
and several one-in, one-out replacements for wardrobe staples I wore out last year, as well as 3 new PJs, new undies, socks and bras

On my list for next winter (or as serendipitous finds):
outdoor jacket(s)
winter shoes
black denim
casual winter dress
graphic tees or tunics (or asymmetrical or otherwise interesting layering pieces)
skirted leggings or track pants

On my summer list:
light jackets
work sandals
cropped pants
tunic dresses with leggings
summer scarves
woven tops
weekend tees
casual dresses