Hi all,

It's been ages since I posted but I am trying to sort out my style once again and could use some opinions. It's been a challenging spring healthwise and now I look at my closet and I am just not inspired at all, plus my energy is a little low. I feel like I need style first aid!!!

I purchased a dress for my daughter's rehearsal dinner, and I wore it out last night to dinner with my husband (anniversary). (It's the floral Yumi Kim dress below.) On the plus side, I loved getting dressed up for a date night. Portland is pretty casual but it felt great for both of us to wear something sort of special. We went to a beautiful restaurant but I realized I would wear a nice dress out frequently, based on how I felt in it, even to a more casual place.

Well, the dress itself was great for a date but will not work for the rehearsal dinner. It may have been a poor buy, frankly, but I'll try to get it out for date nights. The main problem is a wrap skirt that can open quite far when I walk (like, show much of my legs). Walking with my husband it was fine to hold the edge of the dress and just laugh when a breeze came. Also, the top is held closed with a snap and it came undone a couple of times. I know it just won't be good for the rehearsal dinner where I'll have a lot to do greeting people, passing food, and gathering plates, etc. (Backyard dinner.)

I found these two options but I really have no idea. I love them both but they are completely different ends of the spectrum.

Any thoughts? Other ideas?

Many thanks,

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