Or maybe refocusing.

In trying to review and edit, I'm finding I may have some color confusion that may be contributing to outfit confusion.

I'm generally in the cool color camp --think " winter" if we must-- but with age ( ahem) skewing even cooler and a bit softer. However I've always had a sugar eye for khaki, olive, browns and
lots of earth tones. I don't like to feel my clothing is "icy". But if I look for cohesiveness, the items in these warmer colors are worn less and are harder to pull together with footwear and accessories with my other colors.
Black is still good in the mix and almost a necessity for some pants and
footwear, as there are more options. And I still love black mixed with tan and khaki. But even that is getting harder to mix.

I think I need to focus on cooler neutrals that are not black: more grays. Also, eye- opener, more of a true white, in small doses, than I thought. I actually like cool browns and grays together, at the risk of looking like tree bark. Navy's not totally out but it isn't skin- tone flattering and more, I just am not drawn to it.

The "feeling French" is a nod to the minimalist posts and the desire for better mix& match so I can remix favorite items. It is fine though to have multiple " capsules" to allow for neutrals that don't work as well together .

So, adding to fit and quality and value criteria, I'm seeing that I need to use better eyes for color criteria , too, where more color discipline may increase the happiness factor rather than limit it.