I am looking for a pair of red sneakers to wear in mild weather for very casual wear or somewhat dressier. My lifestyle does not call for dressy clothes very often and with the beautiful shoes I have I prefer to wear the dressy ones when I can. I have a pair of red keds I have worn into the ground and need to replace them for slip-on and go.
I bought a pair of varsity red suede with white and a smattering of gold. I think they are striking (which I like in most everything I wear (not all at the same time). However I think I probably need to return and look again
I may be wrong but it seems that I detect that varsity shoes are not appropriate for everyday casual wear, but are for college people and sports.? Please make any comment you choose. Especially if I should return. I do not want to look like an old lady that looks like she doesn't know what to wear. Thank you!