To Elizabeth P and LisaP - you must get white boots - they seriously have been my best shoe purchase of 2016. I thought they would be a wild card and they have ended up a work horse. I even got told that I was too glamorous for my book club when wearing them (Angie - you are responsible for that comment)!

Thank you, Angie, for the great reviews, and I am crossing my fingers about those Bodens. Or one of the other pairs. I admire your persistence and patience. I'll be starting my own red shoe/ sandal hunt in about a month. We'll see what is available then.

Columbine, hope you find just the right navy boots.

Lisap, you’d miss me too much, and look GEAT in white footwear!

Shevia, awwwhhhh. That’s so sweet, my foot twin. Do you have tomato red shoes you can pass onto me? *smiling*

Liz, YES. Noooooo settling. Although a good idea - I’m just not the dying type, IFKWIM. I want pristine and perfect newness.

Harmonica, what a great idea. Like your Boden stash.

Summer, wise words.

kkards, I’m proud of you too.

Elizabeth, bless your unfussy feet, and you crack me up.

Bijou, I proudly take full responsibility. WOOOHOOO. Go Team White Boots.

Suz, thank you. Excited to see what you come up with in the Summer red shoe department. FUN.

Bijou... _I_ have white booties. I lemminged Shevia some time ago

Oh my, I'd be going barefoot if I were looking for "walk around Europe" shoes. I wasn't even when I was looking for shoes for Europe. Next time I'm taking sneakers for anywhere but Paris (where I'm willing to suffer a bit.)

Angie, I admire your patience!!! It's odd all these shoes are running so big!

I've always liked the feel of Corso Como flats. They're nicely made. Never ended up buying them, but I hope those work for you.

I had a pair of delicate red Bloch ballet flats (a real ballet brand that branched out into street shoes briefly) and they never stayed on my feet comfortably, my usual problem with flats. I sold them, but I miss the pop of color that they added.

I hope you find the perfect shoes soon!

Angie, did you check out the poppy barley red flats? They are gorgeous -especially the d'orsay ones with cream. Saw them in person and my sil bought them.

Thanks for sharing your process and persistence, Angie. I tried the FS Jolette in white leather. My usual size was extra long and wide. I now have a half size down that may work with an insole. I like how they look and have to spend the time to check it out.

Also, at my local shoe store, they were able to reduce my tendency to "lose" slip-on shoes off the heels by adding a padded foam stick-on to the inside center of the shoe where it rests on top of the foot. If it is close, that can help. I never had luck adding onto the heel area of the shoe.

May your search be fruitful.

Dana and E, you crack me up.

Greyscale, what a lovely comment. Hoping the Corso Comos work out.

K2, YES. Inge alerted me to the Poppy Barley red shoes. Might give them a whirl, although my feet are probably too low volume for the T-strap.

Eliza, that's great info. Thanks. Hope the FS's work for you.

Following! You read my mind I was just thinking, what happened to all of my flats? Especially my red ones I had a few years ago? Well, I wore them out and didn't replace them. I miss having red flats. Thanks for the reminder. I'll be looking into the ones you've posted here.

It's funny how reds can be so off on a monitor. I find that they can frequently turn out to be more orange in person, but usually not the other way around -- so if you suspect a bit too much orange in the photo, run! But if you suspect a bit too much blue, you just might be okay.

My dear April, I LIKE the orange, and run when the red is too blue.

abc, there you go. You need red flats too.

PS -you need to check out the cream/white boots Poppy has in to - they are divine and I'm not a white boot person -thought of you when I saw them and almost convinced myself that I needed them

YES, I saw them. Gorgeous, KL. But too wide for my narrow ankles.

Love your persistence in holding out for just the right ones. I just received my red wedges today and am over the moon, happy! I will probably wear them tomorrow, lol We are have Spring Temps right now,

Enjoying hearing about all the fun red shoes and am awaiting the reviews of those still in transit. I picked up these Aldos for $12 last weekend at DSW. They are super cute and work on my semi-wide feet. Not dainty, but I don't like flat flat shoes so these are my ballet flat alternatives. t was in the 70's yesterday so I wore them bare footed and they did rub my widest spot on the right foot by the end of the day, but nothing too severe and a little body glide would have helped.

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Well darn! I will cross fingers for you that one from the next round works out -- I can see how well red shoes would suit your style!

I am another person who found Corso Como flats comfortable when I wore that style.

Ooooh yes! This takes me back to the early days of YLF... red shoes, polka dots, pearls. I still love it all. So pretty.