I blame Suz for shoe madness posts and Angie for Red Shoes reports.

I am trying the Bass cherry red tassel loafer. I have not worn yet as need some weekend time to do outfit tryons.
Here are the odd aspects: 1)
“ my red” would be burgundy, as brighter reds can make me feel self- conscious. However, if red, this cooler, darker cherry is pretty good.
2) I was swearing off any toe-taper as I need rounder toe box. These are almond toe.
Pros: 1)they feel really comfortable. Not HIKING comfortable, but really good cushioning, and the toe taper isn’t sharp, and the suede helps( intentional choice)
2) the slightly tapered toe gives them an aesthetic I love but was being careful about due to my feet. This “ look” can work better with skirts as well as some ankle/ cropped pants.
So, a problem is that if I keep them, they would be “ extra” , fun shoes. I still need to update and replace some rounder- toed loafers. I’ve tried LOADS of loafers and am really having trouble with comfort+ fit + looks. Surprising to me. ( other Find of Weejuns style I had assumed would work- haven’t tried the suede but tried others and NOT comfy).
Hence I am going to have to do some serious try- ons of S/S outfits to see if they work as I would intend- to add a type of style at adequate comfort level that’s worth the closet space and would get enough wears— don’t want to just “ collect “ and save them but use them. This means hauling out the wardrobe items and existing footwear for comparison.

For this who are real red shoe aficionados, these are comfy to try.