Here are some outfits from the past two weeks. I'm enjoying the waning days of skirts with bare legs while I can, and seem to be going through all of my thinner sweaters with them because it's just cool enough to commit to wearing long sleeves all day.

#1: Halogen flowered sweater! I haven't worn these orange flats for a long time, but they were kind of calling out to go with the sweater. It was kind of fun to see Diana thinking along the same lines by wearing her awesome orange pants with the same sweater a few days later.

#2: Plum and gray. I liked the colors together and pulled out another little-worn pair of shoes, gray round-toe suede pumps, with this. Not much else to say about this.

#3: I'm sure I've posted this exact combo or something very similar before, but I can't stop wearing variations on this outfit, so here it is again. At some point soon, I want to find other leopard flats to replace these, because they're wearing out and aren't the most current-looking things ever anyway, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

#4: I think I put this combination together in about two minutes because I was running late. Not sure if it works, or whether there's some kind of tweak I could do next time, but I'm glad I remembered about this old skirt and got it back into the rotation recently.

#5: I already posted this in a K/R thread recently, but here it is again, mostly because I really like these new shoes (the Dolce Vita ones I collected). Slipper flats can be pretty stumpifying on me, but I think the lower vamp and pointy toe makes these less so. Also, I really like how they have a subtle mixed-media thing going, with pony hair on the toe and a pebbled leather that looks almost sparkly in the right light on the sides.

#6: That full flowered skirt I'd posted asking about before. Worn with a lightweight sweater with pretty eyelet detail on the sleeves. I've actually worn these two together once or twice before, but not sure if I ever posted it.

#7: This is blurry even by my standards, but I wanted to post it because cowboy boots! I don't usually wear them to work, but I was tired today after a long, busy week and wanted something especially fun to wear. (For some reason, everything I have to say about my outfits this time is about the shoes.) The dress is new from Loft, because I really liked the navy/burgundy dots.

All comments and feedback welcome!

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