I was about 75% sure this would either not fit or look awful on me, but Macy’s has it on super saw this past weekend. It just arrived.

Well, it certainly fits. I don’t think it looks awful, though it emphasizes my curves more than I expected, and my bathroom mirror tends to emphasize that. That’s okay-curves are good. But I don’t think I love it, and for a statement like this I would need to really love it to keep it. Still, I am interested in your opinions.

The one thing I will say is that I like the length a lot. This long swishy midi length is a favorite of mine. I don’t think it overwhelms me, or at least I don’t worry about stuff like that. Maybe the way it emphasizes how short my waist is gives me pause.

Bonus picture of my cat, Sir Ian McKellen, who wanted to know what I was doing

ETA - has husband take a new picture. I also tried a better mirror in my lobby. feel better about the print today but still feel like I have no torso. It feels just on the wrong side of JFE to me I kind of wish I could have it as a skirt...

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