Hi everyone, just doing some musing on my shopping strategy for the fall/winter season, which I've decided is a re-building time for me. I've come to three big things recently that have launched this quest!

  • I am embracing that I have different elements to my lifestyle - I am a mix of activewear, casual classic, and even a touch of dressy, in terms of what I do and what I foresee myself doing over the next few years (hooray for teenagers who are more than happy to have their parents leave them alone in the evening on the weekend lol). I can justify investing (at different levels) in all these areas.
  • UPDATE: purchased two pairs of jeans - see finds! New silhouettes. I am fully ready to embrace new jeans silhouettes - a big shift after 10+ years of skinnies! I also love leggings and joggers, and am enjoying them more too.
  • Usually our transition seasons are short, but occasionally - like this year - we are blessed with a prolonged fall or spring - it's ok for me to have clothing that works for this, even if it doesn't get a ton of use every single year! I got rid of a few good items over the last few years because I never get a chance to wear them - well this season was my chance, and I don't have them! Lesson learned!

Here are the items currently on my wishlist - I see this as a project to take place over the next several months (and perhaps even fall/winter 2022).

  • gray sweater - in a different shape or style than my usual crewneck. Could be a polished sweatshirt.
  • chambray shirt - undecided on this, but I have it as a placeholder - it may get bumped for a light shacket if I see one I love, or may get skipped altogether
  • new jammies/bras/etc. - this whole capsule has been woefully neglected
  • a black dress shoe - because I don't have a single 'all season' shoe that's dressy - it's either sandals or booties/boots - that smartens up a jeans and top look. Thinking a loafer, but maybe even a heel of some sort? I'm open. Update: purchased a pair of block heels - super comfy, with a removable chain detail that blings them up or makes them more conservative, depending on the situation. See finds!
  • a dark neutral dress and/or a dark neutral skirt (or a nearly neutral such as burgundy). I'm loving some of the silky skirts available. Open. This might be something I look at to create a festive outfit for the holidays.
  • a loose turtleneck in a neutral or nearly-neutral. Possibly a polished sweatshirt version.
  • new tall boots. Maybe brown?
  • white and gray short sleeve tees. I'm sort of over the linen-y, drape-y ones I've been wearing (although they are still great for hot weather). Looking for the more fitted style that looks good with looser jeans.
  • accent blouse. If I see one I love. Something that would be nice with jeans for a date night or dinner with friends.

Already purchased: new crews in white and burgundy, stompy-ish boots, a wool coat in a soft dusty blue (I hope it will be as versatile as a true neutral, but if not, I'm determined not too worry - it's a long winter, if I need a second wool coat, that's ok!), looser jeans (girlfriend and straight cuts) in black and dark blue (just ordered - when they arrive I will decide whether they serve different purposes, or whether one will suffice).

It seems like a ton of shopping and actually freaks me out a bit when I read it - but I feel like some of these items will be in my closet for a few years and get worn to death as most are pretty classic, but more up to date (I think!)

Phew, that was longer than expected. Thanks for reading if you got this far, and thoughts/suggestions/advice/wisdom always welcomed! xox