So cute! My perforated white slip on sneakers are showing some wear so I'm on the look out for new sneakers. I'm not sure what I want yet, but I'll keep these on the radar.

I love those! I may need to replace my Eccos... due to an unfortunate incident with a bottle of my purple-toned shampoo spilling on them! (due to an overpacked car for a road trip) :'(

If my shoe guy can't fix em, I'll check these out. Thanks Angie!!!

I was wondering if those were new! They look very good, chunky but clean lines (SAS is developing a bit of a hipster following, I've noticed...).

JuniperGreen, I did the same thing to a pair of nice shoes once -- bright green clogs -- got laundry soap all over them in the trunk of the car. I still wore them for a long time afterward and just thought of the staining as a "marbled" look.

Ha! They bring back memories of my dad If anyone can make them look fab, it’s you Angie!

These are cute. They look like Oxfords here--are they sporty irl?

Thanks, ladies. LOVE MY NEW SNEAKS.

Fashintern, YES. Plenty sporty. Not oxfords.