Just a couple of things I've discovered this week - it helps to keep my thoughts clear to put it down, if you don't mind.

1. I wish I had gotten the Gap mesh sleeve sweaters in a Medium Petite rather than Large Petite. I wore the cream one this week and found it stretched out a fair bit during the day. I felt completely sloppy by the time I left work. I like volume for semi-tucking but think they are too big on me. I need to re-adjust my eye now that my eating & health plan is having some results.

2. I want my spring wardrobe to consist of white, cobalt (and some navy), and grey with pops of yellow and green. I may also look at some lilac - works well with my skin tone and silver hair. I have completely fallen in love with white - sure hope my white leather jacket works out (supposed to arrive some time Tuesday). Also need to find the right width of cream leather belt for jeans and trousers.

3. I wore my trusty Clarks high-heeled pumps on Wednesday and by the time I left work my bad knee was in extreme pain. I guess my physiotherapist was right and once you've injured a knee, heels are not a good option. I'm considering going through my closet this weekend and removing anything that's over two inches high, regardless of how much they cost or how new they are. I'm still limping from Wednesday and it just isn't worth it to me. But I've decided to look on the bright side (yep...I'm the eternal optimist) and figure sticking with 2" heels will mean I can hem all my pants the same length rather than having some that only work with higher heels and some that only work with lower heels. I will keep my KS cobalt patent pumps even though they are 3" for the odd dressy occasion.

4. Feeling a little "uncomfortable" with my style right now - I know I'm in some sort of style flux but I don't know which direction I'm heading in. I'm enjoying experimenting with this "urban minimalism" trend but am feeling a little less like me. I think I'm missing my retro elements a bit.

5. Have definitely learned lately that quality, fit, and fabrication are of utmost important to me. No longer willing to spend any amount (even if only $5) on poor grade items. I can still find quality at the thrift stores but have pretty much stopped thrifting crap - feel really good about that. Sort of like quitting a bad habit, you know?

6. I need to stop buying stuff just to have something new. I really love a lot of my pieces so what's wrong with wearing them often? I don't always need something new - instead I should play with what I've got and try different combinations.

If you read all this, thanks for popping by