Hi friends,

Just some random Friday thoughts bumping around in my over-active brain!

One is that I've really learned that, for me, usually when I feel like I need a big shift or change, I actually really just need a minor tweak. Case in point - tucking top into higher-waisted pants. This is new for me, and I have always sworn up and down that I cannot do this as I am short-waisted. But I've been playing with the look and I really like it! It makes my classic pieces feel a little fresher. Small tweaks and never say never for the win!

Another is colour palettes. I'm sure this has been discussed before, although I don't believe recently, and I know my own thoughts have changed. I have been in search of the elusive 'perfect palette' and what I've learned is that a fluid palette works much better for me and makes me much happier! I am VERY influenced by the season and the weather. Here's roughly what my 'happy palettes' look like now:

For spring/summer: navy-as-a-neutral, white, and minimal gray, with accents of cognac, blues, and pinks.

For fall/winter: black, white, and minimal gray, with accents of navy-as-a-colour, deep green and reds from true to bordeaux.

The whole role-of-navy thing is helpful for me to distinguish, as well as the minimal gray (I actually haven't bought it in ages, but have a few pieces I really enjoy, and I do like gray is the summer, paired with white). Re-embracing black for the cold weather feels SO good. Bringing an attitude of fluidity (dare I say 'ease'?) to my style ideas feels really right, and I am trying to let my intuition speak louder than any rule, plan, or palette.

Over to you - what styling tweaks are you enjoying? What palettes are you playing with, and does it differ by weather, or other factors? What's your style intuition whispering to you right now? What random thought are bumping around in your Friday brain?

WIW - cold weather red, black boots on a snowy day, tucked sweater. Sorry for the weird lighting but the sun shining in the windows sure is pretty

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