Great choices. I love them both.

Dying to see the faux fur on.

Those are great--looking forward to seeing them on

Ermagerd, the faux fur is so good! I hope both work out.

Speaking of faux fur, this from ages ago has stuck in my mind even though it long ago sold out. It has popped up in an online auction and I’m so tempted... but 1) I’ve never tried it on and no returns, and 2) LOL like I need more jackets... But the colors! Sigh.

Faux fur is great, hope it works. Please show us when it arrives.

I love both coats that you ordered. I hope they both fit well and are keepers.

Ooooh I have heart eyes for the faux fur! Can't wait to see what you end up with!

Oh wow. How did I miss this thread? That Mondrian coat is amazing! I also like the one you ordered and hope it works! What a great idea for a raincoat. Has it ever rained this much or been this grey? Ugh!! (I know it has, but this year seems especially yuck.)

Did you get the citron then?

Angie I got the tobacco patchwork one from Nordies, with the citron patches

Both are really cool looking, Anna! fingers crossed for you.

YAY. I like that one better. CITRON.

Yay for getting the patchwork! I like your faux fur too. I nearly bought one out past winter but got my reversible olive animal print puffer instead