I’m considering adding some kind of waterproof, somewhat warm ( lined, quilted) hat to my outerwear capsule , for mildly rainy days/ unpredictable weather. This would be mostly for running errands or going to dinner or someone’s house, so, parking lot to indoors, not long walks.

I have several rain jackets/trench coats with attached or detachable hoods that I tend to only wear in milder temps. I’m also thinking I might want to make better use of them in cold weather by layering over fleece jackets and/ or vests. Especially because the actual time “ out in the cold” isn’t very long.

But when I wear my heavier coats, down jackets & coats , I usually don’t have a hood, partly because the 2 heavier ones have detachable hoods with faux fur trim , which I don’t like to wear, and especially don’t like to keep them attached for regular wear.

In addition, while hoods are convenient to pull up quickly when needed, and don’t get left behind or lost, I struggle with visibility— getting them folded or adjusted so they’re covering head but not being “ blinders”. This aspect is important because of walking through parking lots, as opposed to taking a long hike. But, my rain “ shells” have adjuster cords that I’m probably not taking enough advantage of, if I want to experiment more with layering.

I guess I also don’t want to spend big bucks— so was looking at some quilted hats on sale to try something out. Plus need easy returns because, hats, fit, small head. I’m also a bit worried this would be something I might leave behind or lose , but, probably can keep up on typical errands where I’d use a shopping cart. Plus I don’t want a giant hat that then has same vision- blocking properties as a hood.

What experiences or advice do Fabbers have? Pros & cons? Styles, like bucket, sou’wester, cloche? Or keep working with hoods?