Here s the thing,it will soon be time for swim wear
Yep,wearing what basically amounts to underwear outside in front if strangers.
I was reminded of this impending treat by an article in one of our national papers yesterday.A young women had purchased a bikini and was dismayed to have all the dye run out of it when she got it wet.when she consulted the care label she noticed that it said in very small print ,and l quote,”for poolside posing only”
Surely even a posing bikini could do with a little freshen up every now and again?
So it got me thinking about my own collection of swimwear and what it says about my “poolside Style”
So just for fun l have created 3 catergories:
Wave warrior
The surfs more important than the style.All swimwear must stay put when diving in,no losing your swim bottoms for this lady!
Hair is tied back and her only concession to glamour are dyed eyelashes.You might see her by the hotel pool but only before breakfast after doing 100laps.
Beach babe
Boho style encapsulates Beach babes approach to swimwear
Natural glamour for this lady,tousled hair,minimal makeup,maybe some waterproof mascara and spf lip balm.
A definite nod towards fashion in her swim wear with current styles and colours and of course an airy cover up.
Beach babe is not afraid of getting wet but knows how to look good poolside.
Pool side Poseur
Never knowingly seen in the water,for poolside poseur lady it is all about the look(and the insta photos)Full make up,jewellery and the latest itsy bitsy swimwear.
Her only exercise consists of rolling over on the sun lounger to get an even tan or if really pushed ,walking to the poolside bar to get a drink.

I have a long legged,racer back Speedo costume which is my absolute fav.Mainly because it avoids the shuffle of shame behind a towel from changing room to pool and back again when One realises that ones bikini line should have been higher up ones list of priorities.
I have a tankini for holidays and a shortie wet suit for snorkelling.All my swim wear is bought with practicality in needs to stay on and stay put when swimming or taking part in water activities.Sadly it is not glamorous.
I think that this puts me in the wave warrior category .

So how about you?What aquatic wear do you own and what category are you in?Feel free to add a category if you feel I ve not covered the full range of beach personae and of course any photos that you are brave enough to share and remember this is for fun even if wearing swimwear is not!