I was folding and putting away a couple of scarves today and decided to try to put more of my scarf collection in Finds so I could keep my scarf capsule at hand in a Collection. It’s a work in progress — the collection you see here is still being added to! Yes, I have a huge scarf collection. I am my mother’s daughter. LOL

I have to say the mere exercise of taking each scarf out and photographing it is instructive. There are a number I haven’t worn in a long, long time. Some are sentimental, some just have fallen out of favor, and some are looking a little worse for the wear.

I’ve put a bunch aside: Some of the worn ones to take to the ranch, or to take on one of my more rugged trips, for when I don’t care if I wreck my clothes. Some are very summery, and I really don’t wear summer scarves much, unless we go on some sort of tropical vacation. Some of the sentimental ones can go in a box to store, or to see if my nieces would like them.

I’m only putting scarves I am certain I keeping in active rotation in my Finds.

Maybe using this feature of YLF can help me get more of a grip on the size of my wardrobe!