Beige (natural) linen, beige cashmere, yes, I guess I wore plenty of beige and cream in the late '80s and '90s. But for me, the early sixties is the period when beige was truly fab. An all-beige outfit in luxe wool, silks or linen, often with gold or pearls, was the ultimate in understated-but- expensive-looking glamour, especially for blondes, and my mother did the look so well--beige from head to toe!

I don't remember too much of beige, as I always did more black and brights than anything, though I did wear a cream skirt and heels to a successful interview A light-medium warm neutral skirt has been a hewi, maybe they'll reappear this year!
I would not want to see a repeat of the ubiquitous white hose + black suit 90s trend though! That always looked odd to me.

Yes, lots of beige or natural. My sons had to wear beige chinos as part of their high school uniform. They called it khaki, but true khaki was not acceptable as it was too dark. It seemed like natural (beige) linen was very popular. You are right to brighten beige with optic white. My aunt liked to wear beige with black.

I wore beige sparingly in the 90's as other colours look better on me. My beige items were basic knits that I paired with navy, chocolate, black, burgundy or red. I currently own a beige cashmere coat which is beautiful and surprisingly not soul sucking. I am pretty happy at the moment to have that one statement piece of beige in my wardrobe and not build a beige capsule. Blush and ivory are my alternatives to beige.

WHAT?! A lot of beige is coming soon? This is horrifying news!

I do not remember that much beige in the Nineties. Buy maybe I just forgot about it? I do remember a lot of black and grey.

Yes, I remember a period in early 90’s with some sort of beige and Boho trend, with linen and shell jewelry, wood necklaces .... I had even beige knitted leggings, can you imagine?! Hope nothing like that will come back...

Yes, I loved the shades of beige that were around. Classic, elegant. But difficult to wear in isolation, but it chimes so well with black, navy, white and gold.

I also remember seeing a lot of beige (linen especially).

My first reaction was no, but then I thought about it and there was a lot of beige/khaki/brown around then. I know I wore a lot of black too though so maybe we actually had more variety back then.

Agree about the taupe walls, it was all the rage but a bit too neutral for me.

I definitely remember because while I loved the look of all the different shades of beige I struggled styling it.

Thank God there are also a lot of rainbow striped pieces about. I need to stock up if I'm going to survive another round of beige.

Yes, now that you mention it, I remember wearing beige, but it's not my first thought when I think of 90's fashion. I remember I had a beige dress that I wore all the time and the color was so bad on me. I can remember that I loved that dress for its flattering silhouette and hated the color.

Grey featured in the LATE '90s, with lots of black.

In the early 90s I was in high school and my outfits were almost exclusively blue jeans with tees, oversized sweaters, and red/black plaid shirts.

In the late 90s though, I recall beige khaki being everywhere! Khaki pants, khaki skirts, khaki dresses, khaki much khaki. I don't think I wore a pair of jeans for at least a couple of years.

Now khaki reminds me of a uniform I wore working at a restaurant back in those days. That's something I'm going to have to get over if khaki makes a return. But I do remember all of that beige stuff being super comfortable.

It's not what immediately comes to my mind when I think of the 90s. But if it was trending and popular, no wonder that's the decade when I "checked out" of fashion!

I do remember black, ditsy florals, slip dresses over tees (or not), Docs.

I do fondly remember a lot of elements of 90's fashion, but I was a teenager into grunge, so it was mostly plaid, oversized jeans and stompy boots for me. With a few ditsy floral dresses thrown in. Most of my prep school classmates wore khaki stuff from the Gap, and I hated all that. Still won't wear khakis, in fact.

One element that my husband has noticed coming back is the choker. He thinks they're really nice and I should wear one, but I wasn't even that into them back then and am not feeling it so much now.

I remember even more beige from the 80s. In addition to all the bright colours, the 80s saw A LOT OF beige suits, blazers, skirts and pants. In the 80s, it was often difficult to find an item in a different neutral than some kind of beige. A real challenge for me with my definite cool colouring, in particular because the majority of the beiges then were warm-toned, like cream, camel and toffee.

Beige continued into the 90s and then often came in cooler shades, like greige, stone, champagne and taupe. And black was everywhere. During the late 90s, grey became very popular.

We just re-watched the single season of My So-Called Life, which features the styles of the early 90s.

If you missed that decade, check out the show and see what you think.

Angie, the 90s are my favorite fashion era (besides the one we're in) haha!

When I think of it, my essentials have scarcely changed ... just the cuts and details of them. Black turtlenecks, black brogue-style Docs, crew-neck sweaters and tees, a black slip-dress with a white t-shirt under ... and off course I went to Catholic school, so navy was still my color haha! I think I came of fashion-age in the 90s, which is probably why I love thinking back to those styles so much.

I also feel like style was democratized a lot ... the brand craze of the 80s died down a little and simpler styles and pieces meant anyone at any budget had a good change of being on-point style-wise if they wanted to be.

That's my reverie for the 90s done!

Yes, I do. Especially knits. Sucked my soul, it did.

Thanks, Taylor. Good one. You can do the same by watching Friend and Seinfeld!

Helena, YES! I understand your love for the '90s. You are not alone in your thinking. There are many on this forum who feel similarly to you, and it makes sense. I enjoyed some of the '90s I didn't grow up in the US, and brands weren't a thing in the '80s in other parts of the world - apart from Docs and Levis 501s. Which I DID wear and loved. I'm an '80s, '70s and '60s fashion era gal.

Yeah I feel I missed the 90s really as bringing up 3 young kids. Don't think I wore beige? I wore a lot of leggings with long thigh length knits, had these Paisley patterned green leggings with a long green knit and black stompy boots. So practical for bringing up kids.
Don't think I have ever, ever liked beige much. Occasionally in a print maybe. Did have some beige crops once and once some long pants which were too low rise and uncomfy. What was I thinking?

I was a legal secretary/office administrator in the 90s and I still had some of those beige clothes (jackets, pants, linen dresses, etc.) in my closet until just recently! I still kind of like beige paired with a crisp white, but on the other hand I'm way more colorful now, which suits me better. I did see that beige is one of the trends in the spring collections this year. The great thing is that there are zillions of colors/patterns/textures for everyone to choose from, and you don't have to follow trends if you don't like them!

I remember linen (natural), browns and black/charcoal. Red and grey surfaced in the late 90's and suddenly everyone wore that combo.

Black, black and more black. With some excellent plaids and ditzy floral. Beige, cream and white did not come to my part of the world.

Beige would have been in line with heroin chic, which was definitely the 90s