Thanks Angie! We can “blame” Rachylou for encouraging me!

You look good in cool tones. The blue cools down the warm orange, which makes a difference. At least, to my eye....

Angie, so then you were not on board with either of the jackets with the orange T? I didn’t think the outfit with the suede one quite came together. I liked the way the light orange in the trucker jacket played with the orange, cause I’m into that kind of thing these days.

I like the orange with both the cognac and cream toppers. Much warmer, yet totally fine. But the blue is better with the orange against your complexion.

That makes sense, thanks.

FWIW, if anyone’s interested, when I got home tonight I emailed the site where I got the green sneaks to ask if they could be returned after an extended trial wear of a couple km. My heels are burning and the pain traveled up to my back. My usual endorphin high after PT—and I had a great session tonight—is all washed away. I wanted my bad experience with the Sperrys to be an anomaly, but it seems I really should be wary of fashion sneakers.

If I can return these, I’ll try the type of Vans that nemosmom says has firm padding. If they say no, I’ll try some inserts from the drug store.

Have they approved your return? I also shop at zalando, but have always been super careful with items I intend to return. But I hear they burn old returns anyway

Synne, I just emailed them, so they haven’t had a chance to respond. There really is no way I could’ve known this without wearing them so long. I’m disappointed to hear they burn returns, though now that I think about it I don’t know what else they can do with these shoes. Maybe I should look for a way to sell them second hand. There is a B&M store here that I thought sold things that had been returned to Zalando, along with other things, similar to Nordstrom Rack. But I’ve never been in it to see.

Rachylou - yes, as a matter of fact I had some second thoughts about blue and orange after posting my response! Also I went to a school with orange & blue colors!

Maybe the orange top with a bolder blue pattern, or a solid blue, would be more appealing to me. Again, hard to tell from photo quality.

Maybe it was more a matter of proportion that struck me - both the tucked in orange tee and the mini skirt are about the same size - neither was taking center stage.

Fashintern - very much yes to the light blue shirt over the orange tee, with the blue mini. I think that pulls it together. Don't know if you have jean jack - that could work too.

Sloper, I think you’ve just explained why I wanted a jacket of some sort, not just the T by itself. Partially because it isn’t that warm, of course, but I also thought the outfit needed the look of a third piece. I think it was the bloop of orange over the bloop of paisley, roughly the same size, over the bloop of my legs, also about the same. They say thirds are good, but everything the same size like that felt boring.
Good point about sports teams using these kind of contrasting colors. If I go to a Miami Dolphins game, I know what I’m wearing! But I’m glad you didn’t find my choice argumentative. I was wondering about that as I rolled up the sleeves, but just found that idea so brilliant, if I do say so myself, that I couldn’t not do it.

Only comments on my appearance were a compliment on my hair being healthy and the PT asking if I needed to go change—no need, had street legal gym clothes on underneath, lol.