My teaching has shifted from actively engaging with children to trying to teach remotely. We are combining online and offline learning. 2x per day we need to either host live sessions or upload recorded sessions.

Sadly the older iPads the K-2 children had are not able to load some of the apps for online while that issue is being problem solved by our tech wizards, all sessions need to be recorded.
It takes a while to set up for and record each session, so it is more time efficient to record 3 sessions at a time. My students probably don’t care if I have the same top on for read alouds, 3 days in a row. They are more likely to focus on the story. Would their parents even care? I doubt it. I am pretty sure they have bigger concerns on their minds.
I care! I have to change my tops between recordings. I just have to! So now, when I plan a recording session, I lay out basic bottoms, usually jeans and 3 different tops. Maybe a blouse, sweater and jersey. Next come the accessories. Scarves, necklaces and jewelry, especially earrings. Same me. Same day.
Oh and when I finish recording I change out of the last outfit and into my cozy cabin pants, no matter what time it is. I guess this is playing dress up (well, more like dress down) for distance learning!