This morning I realized I'd like to add some bits and pieces of plaid to my closet. I have a few shirts, I'm thinking more accessories. I realize that plaid can be seen as a holiday print, so I need to be quick, before it's all gone. I'm not looking for spendy, think Old Navy, Target, F21 price points.

Have you seen any great plaids lately?

For a little background, I've been trying to sort out my color palette for what seems like forever. In the fall I cut it back to navy, black, white and gray with just a tiny bit of burgundy, cognac and tan. In time, I found I'm reaching for those warmer colors more. Yesterday I was reevaluating the color palette and realized that I keep being drawn to burgundy, navy and tan, with bits of emerald green from time to time, but though this palette flatters me, it bores me. I did make a connection between this palette and some of the awful duck themed wall papers of the 80's. I think that's where my almost poison eye comes from.

I had the thought to look for prints that I find fresh, with these colors in them. This morning I realized that tartan plaids are just the thing for the job. Now for the hunt!