I have two items that I LOVE, but aren't wearable as they are anymore:

1. Dotty Blouse (it has a fun striped back)

The buttons have disintegrated. They should be easy to replace. Where can I get small black replacement buttons? (See pic).

2. Navy Lace Dress:

It's a beautiful old dress that fits perfectly. It's A-line so I can move freely, and the neckline and sleeves are sooooo pretty and unique. It's ombré navy lace and quite the work of art. It's WOW to me, and I hate to let it go. But I won't wear the above-the-knee length anymore. It needs a good 8 to 10 inches of extra length for me wear it again (20 to 25cm). How can I add length to it in a chic and deliberate way? I thought of a slip with tulle, or something like that - a la Deborah and Brooklyn - but I don't sew, and can't find anything suitable. Hard colour match too, and it must look professional, IYKWIM.

(Wearing it with hosiery at the shorter length is not something I want to do either).

If you have any creative thoughts, let me know! Thank you. xo