A few jewellery questions:

How many rings can you tolerate on your fingers? I used to be a one-ring-per-hand type, but I've discovered that I like the look of two rings on one hand -- as long as they aren't on adjacent fingers. I don't like to feel them clinking together.

Do you like pinky rings? My English mother always thought they were tasteless, but I never did ask her why she thought so. Does anyone else feel this way? Is this a common perception, or was it just my mum? (I quite like small pinky rings myself).

Last one -- do you switch up your rings, or wear the same ones all the time? I have more rings than I can wear all at once, but I like them all, so I switch them up. I'm more likely to wear the smaller rings in the summer, when it's hot. I do wear my wedding ring every day though.