Some of you have awesome collections of handbags and frequently change them out to coordinate with your outfits.
So far, I've pretty much used one bag during winter and a different one in warm weather. Both my bags have several interior compartments which I like to keep organized, and I usually need 10 to 15 minutes for the twice-annual handbag change.
I carry the following in my bag: lip gloss, nail file, comb, breath mints, hand sanitizer, kleenex, two pairs of reading glasses (one for print and one for music), cash (bills), change purse, pouch for drivers license, credit cards, library card, bus pass, etc., checkbook, pens and pencils, photos of DS and DH, and keys.
I've been thinking about adding another handbag or two but would need to streamline my handbag changing process.
My question for you frequent bag changers is: do you have any tips for efficiently switching from one bag to another?