I am a card-carrying member of Team No Bag. When I'm not carrying a laptop bag, I keep my day-to-day essentials of one key, phone, and a small zip coin pouch in my jacket pockets. This serves me fine, except in summer when I am jacket-free and tend to lose things out of my jeans pockets...

I am thinking of adding a small crossbody bag for summer, but I am not sure which color to look for. Ideally, I don't want to add more than one bag. I will add some examples in my finds below, but my spring/summer wardrobe colors are:
  • white or ivory
  • blush
  • kelly green
  • olive green
  • daffodil yellow
  • navy
I wear jeans in various washes (white, med, dark) almost every day, but have a pair of lightweight check trousers, a solid navy jersey dress, and a few skirts on deck I want to play with that are:
  • solid olive
  • teal/navy dot
  • solid kelly green
  • tan snakeprint
My white and navy sneakers get the most wear, I added the yellow shoe late Fall and have only worn them once I'm hoping they will add a pop of color to all my blue and green.... I'm shopping the white flat as a 2nd dressy option for the skirts.
  • yellow suede
  • white sneakers
  • navy chucks
  • white flat
What color bag makes the most sense to go with the majority of what I have? I keep thinking white is the most versatile, but yellow could be fun.

ETA: I came across this Top Pick one (last find), and am a bit obsessed with it (it's gotta be the cool green and yellow strap!), but wonder if it would be too casual for a dressy situation....