Inge's post about how thong underwear sales are down made me happy. I have never liked them. But they do solve the visible panty line problem. After a few years of struggling with that, I discovered that boyshorts also take care of the VPL problem pretty well, and I like the look and the coverage of boyshorts much better (hubby likes boyshorts, too, lol). I would wear them every day, except here's the problem: they tend to crawl inwards, if you know what I mean. Some pairs are worse than others, but many end up wedged between my cheeks and it's annoying. The non-cotton ones certainly stay put better, but I'm reluctant to wear synthetic fibres every single day because of gynaecological health (I haven't had any problems yet, but they say cotton is a better choice).

Am I buying the wrong boyshorts? Is this an issue of size? Does anyone know of a brand that makes cotton ones that don't crawl up?