After wearing (only) silk scarves these past 4 years, I’m considering the addition of a ‘fuzzy’ scarf for the coming cold weather season. I’m liking a 10% cashmere/90% acrylic scarf that is in a local independent shop - because of the colours in the plaid - but I’m not sure about the ‘fabric’.

I’m not a fan of synthetics, preferring ‘natural’ fibres like cotton, linen, wool, silk. However, I ‘get’ Lycra, and haven’t had a problem with it. I’m ok with polyester in gear/fitness kit and some fashion items. It is the synthetic most in evidence in my closet. I’ve got a (very) few things with rayon and/or nylon in the mix - but not much. I’m not a fan of Lyocel - suspecting it is responsible for clothes that ‘grow’ with body heat, IYKWIM.

So, question #1 - is a cashmere/acrylic blend a ‘good’ combination? Will the super soft scarf be warm and cozy or will I get overheated and sweaty feeling? Will it pill? Will it wash well? How can I expect it to behave?

Question #2 - what synthetics (or ‘modern’ fabrics like bamboo or rayon) are represented in your closet? Which ones do you like/recommend? Which ones do you dislike/bann?