My goal for 2019 is to be more conscious on my buying. I started tracking my wardrobe in August, and haven't set targets for spending or wardrobe size, other than committing to track in a spreadsheet so I can see what I'm doing. At the same time, I made a 2019 health resolution, and have dropped a full dress size this quarter, which means relooking at my wardrobe options.

So - some stats for this quarter:
New - 47 pieces
Benched - 99 pieces
Donated - 57 pieces

Overall wardrobe size: Down 5%.
Spending: Down 3%. Would have been 12% but I took advantage of a sale at Brooks Brothers to replace a suit.

Surprise of the quarter: finding a misplaced box that was full of bottoms in my current size or slightly smaller. I added 14 pieces to my current wardrobe, and put 4 more pieces on the bench.

Happiest purchases:
Boden star sweatshirt - perfect to add some color on dreary spring days
Boden orange loafers - add polish to outfits, and the bright orange makes a statement
Zella joggers - so soft, perfect loungewear
Blue Nile earrings - a birthday splurge that I debated due to cost. Decided to buy and not be precious about them, and happy that they go with so much of my wardrobe.

Still reading? Thank you! I'm tracking my purchases in a collection. And am very grateful to this group as a sounding board while I explore how build the wardrobe that works best and makes me happiest.