Today was cold enough (0degC) that I donned my warmest puffer and put activated charcoal hand warmers in my mitts. There is more of this in store for the weekend, but the extended forecast flirts with double digits and we have no snow on the ground. I think it’s safe to sort winter kit, do a run to the dry cleaners, and put the heavy stuff away.

Winter outerwear: A thigh length merlot puffer picked up in January earned it’s keep over the past 3 months. It is a shorter version of a maxi puffer that was great for BC19 early mornings going to the gym, or standing around in the cold watching Christmas parades - but not so good for long 2 hour+ walks. The maxi puffer got re-homed (gone to someone who lives further North and waits for a bus). With the exception of one pair of leather mitts, and one pair of leather gloves - winter accessories are all several years old and looking their age. I’m chucking quite a bit and will need to refresh before next winter. I still have my red beret, but would like to explore some different hat styles come winter 2021. Fleece lined combat boots picked up in the fall were winter MVP’s. I listened to all the YLF recommendations endorsing fleece lining, and it was a game changer. Big Thanks!

MVP’s: I’m still ‘counting wears’ for regular day clothes (not gear, not outerwear). In the past 3 months 5 tops/20+ and 4 bottoms/10 hit double digits. Interestingly 3 tops were thrifted (2 merino V-necks, one cashmere turtleneck). The other two were long sleeve t-shirt style. The story for the popular bottoms is interesting too. One pair of thrifted brown bottoms have been worn 24 times since purchase in the fall - 15 times since January. Without white jeans since October, and after several cycles of buy/return, I had success at the beginning of March and promptly put them into rotation - for 15 wears! The loser wasn’t a complete loser. I really liked the high waist and ruffled paper bag effect of Mango jeans acquired in January, but after each wash (hang to dry) the (black) jeans got lighter and lighter, and the elastic in the waist seemed to loose its snap. I did get them on sale, but at 21 wears, cpw was still over $2. They are in a bag to be donated. My one remaining pair of blue jeans saw 13 wears. They already have 35 wears from last year, and are from 2019, before I started counting.

Acquisitions: I feel like I’ve been buying up a storm, but unlike previous years, I shopped early with S/S - and especially high/hot summer in mind. I duplicated the white jeans, and picked up the same style in a blue wash. My plan to refrain from black went by the wayside, as I added some basic security blankets to my closet. Actually, the story of my acquisitions is that most of the items are basics. (Link to new acquisitions in Finds

Other thoughts: shopping has been challenging since I live in an area that imposed a severe pandemic lockdown from March to July 2020, opened up a little then locked down again end of December to mid February. After achieving a safe enough rating to actually have inside dining, and for men to get beard trims, the community where I live is once again in lockdown. Cases have been going up, vaccine rollout is slow, folks from problem areas have been travelling to our community for personal services, shopping, and dining experiences. So, the politicians have decided to lock the province down for another 28 days, until May 1. *sigh* Well, I managed to slip a haircut in just under the wire!

MVP’s in Finds below

#1 my winter uniform - merino sweater and jeans #keepingitreal

#2 ‘new’ hair

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