I am in a quandary about two specific pairs of shoes and wonder if anyone else has faced something similar. Hardly a real crisis but looking for a solution.

I have two pairs of black pointy toe loafers that I ADORE. I love the styles, they (used to) fit well, and they add a lot to almost every pant/jean outfit I put together.  Black shoes are my thing. I have them in many different styles, although I do have some in other colors especially for summer. I've had both of these loafers so long that I can't remember when I got them. I suppose they are a bit classic but seem also a bit modern to my eye. I have other more classic loafer styles but these two are the ones I love the most. 

For both of them, they still look good great, but are no longer supportive enough to be comfortable. There is not enough room to add an insole. It's probably in part because my feet have become fussier. I can't resist wearing them and then I promise myself I'm not going to do it again

Today without looking very hard I found both styles on Poshmark and Ebay, not in black or the right size,  but I could stalk for black in a size bigger than the ones I have now so I could add a supportive insole.  I know both brands well and for $30 or so it might be worth the risk. 

Or, I could look for something completely new that would be a replacement. I've not seen either style in my searches so I guess they are not the current trends.  

Or I could do both

What sage advice might you have, dear fabbers? 

#1 Franco Sarto Kristof loafers with double gold zipper
#2 Via Spiga monkstrap loafer with suede front section and flat leather back