This week's Queen For One Day is Texstyle! She provided the following description of her style needs and goals:

I'm all about casual style with a natural feel (style, fabric and color). I usually look out for slightly classic lines, sometimes with a little sporty bent. I rarely have a need to dress up more than jeans, a nice top and dressy sandals or boots, so I'm always on the lookout for ways to dress casual but still stylish.

I love neutrals of navy, charcoal gray, white, and deep olive green. I also love shades of warm tones of wine and plum. I don't wear yellow or orange or most primary colors near my face as it just doesn't work for my coloring. I also enjoy comfortable, not too bold jewelry -- bracelets are a favorite lately. My body shape is primarily rectangle maybe slight IT. I don't wear high heels so comfortable stylish shoes are my long term HEWI.

I live in a very warm, often downright hot climate in Texas. Winters are lovely but brief so most of my clothing is for the least favorite season for many: summer. I still love jackets so I do collect them, but honest don't get to wear them all that often.

Happy shopping! And remember, you can post on this thread at any time - it does not have to be today, and I am currently featuring one member per week, so take your time! And.... GO!

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