I thought I'd restart this game with a member whose dramatic and unique style is known and loved on the forum: Deborah!

Deborah says:

I have never developed a style rubric because I find it really hard to categorise myself lol. A while back I came across the style description "Chic Avant Garde" and it resonated strongly with me.

"Chic" was defined as a powerful look and sharp lines that seem to come together in an effortless way. It is often monochromatic and combined with bold accessories. Avant Garde was then described as an ultra modern style that uses fashion as an extension of the wearer's creativity. It often seeks to make a dramatic statement. Typically, the foundation the wardrobe is black. So the Chic Avant Garde moves back and forth between the two style types as needed/desired, as is appropriate (perhaps depending on work dress code, desire for approachability etc), but more often blends the two by incorporating one Avant Garde item , with more streamlined, "chic" items therefore adding edge without 'looking loony", creating interest and sophistication.

I feel like this somewhat describes my style, and my goal is to develop this further.

Members can post as many finds as they would like. I love the inspiration.

We do have four distinct seasons where I live. Autumn and Springs are kind of similar (in terms of what you can wear) but Winter is cold and Summer hot.

Lifestyle wise, I am a professional (work part time), I do community work, am a Pastor's wife (but please don't stereotype me) and a mum.

Put your hunting gear on and start shopping! There's no deadline so take all the time you need - I'll try to get back to posting a QFOD per week but the thread will stay up regardless. I'm looking forward to this myself as I'll probably want most of what's posted.

If you are new, feel free to join - this is an open exercise in having fun, and you don't have to sign up to be QFOD to play, although you are welcome to do so! Rules here: