I’m going to do a separate post about my search for a new drugstore foundation, so this post isn’t too long. I had pretty good luck with most things I tried this spring.

Bioterra gel (Sally Beauty)
The Curly Girl Method (CGM), which I’ve been following for the last year or so, is big on using gels, applied while your hair is still sopping wet. I’ve tried it with some harder-hold gels like LA Looks and while it works OK, it’s a fussy process and takes forever to dry. I’ve been experimenting with different gels and this is my favorite so far. The Bioterra is a medium-hold gel, so no crunch you have to scrunch out. It seems to minimize frizz and provide some hold.

Jergens Glow wet skin moisturizer/self-tanner, light/medium
I had a sample container of this and liked it so much I bought the full-size. It’s not the kind you rinse off; you apply it on wet skin just after turning off the shower and leave on. It’s easy to apply, the wet skin makes it easier to end up with something even, and it doesn’t stain towels. It gives a bit of color but not so much that it looks cartoonish on pale me. I used to use their regular Glow lotions and I like this better.

Sonia Kashuk flat-top foundation brush (Target)
This is a very dense brush, slightly domed, that gives a nice finish. I do find that it soaks up a lot of product, though, so probably not the most economical approach to applying foundation.

Derma-e sun protection mineral powder SPF 30
I picked this up to keep in my car for midday touchups. It comes in a big tube with a built-in brush. It goes on translucent and tones down shininess. I can’t really tell about the sunscreen part, but I figure it can’t hurt.

CYO pigment paint in Champagne (Walgreens)
Mostly got this one because of a BOGO deal and it was meh. Nice color but creased on my eyelids and too pigmented to wear anywhere else. I feel like this is the kind of product that only looks good on teenagers with no texture issues on their skin.

Renpure Bamboo & coconut water shampoo
A good gentle no-SLS daily shampoo at a decent price.

Yes to Carrots nourishing conditioner
Medium-weight, good at conditioning but not the best at detangling.

Neutrogena hydroboost gel cream moisturizer [the ‘for extra-dry skin’ version has no fragrance]
This is a decently formulated hydrating serum/gel, but I didn’t find it enough on its own for dry skin at night – I needed a more occlusive layer on top. Overall, I thought it was OK but not amazing, especially considering the small size.

Any hits or misses for you recently?