I absolutely love purses, totes, and backpacks. I own a lot. My spreadsheet tells me I own eleven. Maybe that isn't really a lot.

I wish I could buy more, but my needs are completely met. I use a tote for work and I already own ruby, navy, and fuchsia. I can't rationalize another tote. Can I?

At this time in my life I have settled on two types of bags to meet my needs: Le Pliage Neo Totes (ruby, navy, and fuchsia) and Rebecca Minkoff Small Julian Backpacks (black and pink).

I was lucky enough to discover both these items on the YLF Forum. Of course, I duplicated.

They are light. I am someone that never in million year thought I would carry anything other than leather. Leather is heavy. I adore the look and feel of leather, but at some point I decided it just wouldn't work for my current life style. I moved on from leather.

I'll never get rid of a single bag in my collection. I love them all.

Since I can't rationalize another bag right now (can I?), I focus on the bags in WIW. Wow. Forum members have some absolutely gorgeous, gorgeous bags. I love seeing them. I think they "complete" the ensemble.