Let's talk handbags!

Whether you have a huge bag collection or, like me, focus on one or two purses at a time: What colors of handbag do you use most frequently? Tell me why it's a favorite or used so often (Because it's a neutral that goes with everything? Because it makes you happy? Because it's a versatile color?)

What color bags do you avoid or not wear often, and why?

I have a small handbag collection. I tend to use one or two bags regularly for long periods of time because I find changing out handbag contents to be frustrating.

I tend to use blue handbags; my current bag is a thin cobalt crossbody (I've been using this since summer) and a few years ago I used a peacock blue bag regularly (I need to get the strap repaired before I use it again.)

The most unusual color I wear regularly (typically between late spring/early fall) is a mustard structured bag that I've loved for 5 years and find to be just about as versatile as the blue purses.

They are all relatively bold colors; not neutrals, but tonally work with the colors I love (jewel tones, deep greens and blues, burgundy.) For that reason it's VERY rare that I swap out a bag because it clashed with the colors of clothing I planned to wear.

I own a couple black bags. One is a matte leather medium semi-structured satchel I got as a gift. Honestly I hardly ever use it because it doesn't make me as excited as my happy-color bags that also coordinate easily with clothes.
I do use my black tote often because it's a nice size and shape to pop smaller items in, holds my work laptop as well as my purse, and the texture and shine (it's a shiny textured suede) make it more interesting to me than a matte black would be.