I saw a beautiful purple leather jacket today:
(it's the one you see when the website opens - I'm very interested in the skirt too, but that wasn't in the store yet).

The leather is extremely soft and not as shiny as in the picture (I was worried that it might look cheap, but it doesn't), and I love the cut and colour.
However, at $497 it's quite expensive and I'm trying to talk myself out of it, mainly because:

- It's not lined, so I wouldn't really be able to wear it much at all this Fall/Winter
- I already have an unlined leather jacket (taupe, different cut) for 'in between seasons' (not that I would mind a few more, oh no;-)
- I need to replace my wool winter coat this year and need new boots too, two big investments, and those should be my first priority methinks
- I'm not entirely sure the purple would be versatile enough to justify the investment (although it would work with my jeans, black straight-legged trousers, grey pinstripe trousers, black tweed trouser pants and grey pencil skirt right?-)

What do you think ladies? Should I pass this one up?

P.S. I didn't have time to try it on, so who knows, it might not even look good on me;-)