Our whole house is in purge mode, as we are planning to list our home for sale in a couple of weeks, now that DD #1 has started her life in NYC, and DD #2 is headed to Portland, OR.

My feelings about clothing seem to be going through their own shift, and the more I think about it, the more I think my closet is preparing for empty nest syndrome as well.

My closet wants less stuff. It wants to shed the "workable" items I have held into for years and keep only the ones I love, even if I have to re-wear them frequently. It also wants to invest in some very new kinds of things -- like date night clothing! Case and point: the NAS Haute Hippie dress, which arrived yesterday. I will post pics of it, but it's staying. DH was with me when I tried it on, and he loved it. So did I. I realized it's a HEWI for me: a real, honest-to-goodness grown-up date dress. (I always think of Janet as having the best date-night wardrobe.)

We do live in a more casual area, but I am not a shrinking violet,
and I will wear a dress to a fun restaurant no matter what everyone else
is wearing. And DH and I are likely to more frequently indulge our passion for visiting cities for quick weekend getaways. So I think there will be more opportunities to wear this dress.

In that same vein, I am likely to order the NAS Vince dress, which would be another one of those date dresses -- although much more versatile, I think. I would wear that during the day with skinnies and booties.

(Of course, I am using up my budget for the next couple of months, but that's okay.)

Has a life change spurred a wardrobe change for you?