Ok, this is interesting! It was on a zappo's email I rec'd. I could see it being done & being pulled off but I also envision it going terribly wrong many other times....

"...I am sitting here at my local ford dealership getting my husbands truck serviced (aren't I a good wife?) reading my cosmo. I just looked up. Standing at the service counter is another woman roughly my age...31ish she is wearing: a white shirt with some sort of black print on it, a denim mini skirt, white tube socks with 3 black stripes and...drum roll please! A black pair of 4 inch pointed toe pumps, black purse and dark sunglasses. Is this a new trend in rockin tube socks? I can tell the men are fans and she is attractive and is rocking the look like a rock star. But what gives with the pumps and socks? Is this happening only in my local Boston area ford dealer ship or is it a trend I missed?..."
-Justine, Just north of Boston MA

I too am in my VERY early 30's from southern MA and love the tube socks and over the knee socks fashion trend. I have many different color styles in the tube socks and a bunch of over the knee socks. I do hope it continues this fall and winter. However there is a wrong way and a right way to wear the trend I believe. I have never seen the retro tube socks (as you describe) with pumps worn as an every day outfit. I have seen and worn regular knee high socks with heels and over the knee socks with pumps, heels, booties, knee high boots and even over the knee boots in the cooler months.

I also have a few pairs of look alike tube socks that are white with 3 black stripes that I can wear just over my knees and I pull them up until just before the hem of my skirt. I have worn those with a pair of Mary Janes on cooler fall days. I think the tube socks, worn as you describe is a more Risque look then slutty. It depends on how the look is worn.

I wear my tube socks with denim skirts that I call mini skirts. However they are not as "MINI" as some of the mini skirts I have seen that are more like a glorified wide belt. Mine come 2-3 inches above my knees maybe less, maybe a little more but in no way is my bottom hanging out for all to see. This makes a huge difference. If the woman in the dealership was sporting a "belt" as I call them and a tube top, then yes that is way over the top. If she was wearing a regular printed T-shirt as you described and a NORMAL denim skirt then to each her own.

It is a great look to wear to a night out such as to dance night clubs I think but have never worn them like that. I reserve the knee high tube socks for my denim skirts and sneakers. I recently saluted Red Sox nation by wearing my white Red Sox jersey, a denim skirt with my white tube socks with red stripes to a Sox game at Fenway. Everyone around me and my husband RAVED about my outfit. Of course I was sweating to death but it was worth it. But to make that look good the stripes on the socks must compliment your outfit. I have no idea what Egg boots are, but I will wear my UGG boots and a skirt with the socks pulled up to my knees as well. I have seen this done with the shorter Uggs and I think it looks awful. But I think the look is pretty sporty with the tall ones, again the stripes on the socks must compliment your outfit. I have never worn my tube socks with shorts, and I wonder what kind of shorts you are wearing with them..? Are they denim shorts? Running shorts?

The over the knee socks are pretty sweet as well, and like I said I hope the trend continues this fall. I love the look of the over the knee socks "scrunched" down above my knee high stiletto boots with a pair of black tights especially if I am wearing black boots, white socks, black leggings a skirt and a white shirt.

Hope this helps!

Hmmm, interesting! What do you think? Any takers that want to share pics?