I have already ordered shoes from NAS and now considering the clothing. This is what caught my eye from online selection: I would appreciate any feedback if you have seen them in person.

One of my style goal this year is to add more color into my wardrobe. At some point the most of my clothing was in color but for the last 1.5 year I had a shift towards more neutral. I think I am ready for another shift now as I reached to point of neutral saturation: I crave more color. This winter I decided to update my closet with more of my best colors; deep purple, cobalt and red - both true red and deep wine color.
1. I did not like Halogen seamed skirts last year but this time I decided to try them again in case they improved: I love versions from 2 years back. I have my eye on purple and red.
2. More Halogen skirts - these ones patterned midi. I like red and blue patterns.
3. Ditto dresses - I have one cranberry red dress but the rest are neutrals.
I have my eye on Tahari, Halogen in purple and Calvin Klein. The first ones are online only but have anybody seen or tried on CK dress?

4. This striped blouse I like bold black and white stripe but I am afraid it would feel pretty similar to my striped shirt so I am considering the red. Will it work for me as well as B&W would?

I also want to wear my tall boots more often this winter - and enjoy them - so I decided to get some fun leggings to update the look. Has anybody seen these Trouve mixed media? My biggest concern if they stretch a lot..

I am hearing that this is Jacket NAS but so far there are not many I feel from online pictures. I am not interested in leather jackets - is there anything interesting you can see working for me? The one of the few I like is this Elie Tahari but I am afraid the waist can be too high for me. Anybody has seen it IRL - will it work for longer waist?
Another option is Trouve in purple - all my jackets are neutrals. Any feedback?
I also like Mural bomber but looks like it is running small so may not be a good fit.
Another bomber - this time knit in navy/black. Anybody has seen this one?
.I think this is pretty much what I am considering to order and will appreciate any feedback.