I got an email about a 25% off discount at Ted & Muffy, available through Saturday with code OCT1. After clicking through, I actually got a banner on the site with a 30% off discount code good only through "midnight" (of which time zone, I'm not sure). The code is WEL30.

At their prices the extra 5% is not insignificant! I'm totally lusting over the ink suede OTK boots with fab button detailing, but even at 30% off it's pricey and not going to be much worn in my climate (northern CA, south of and warmer than San Francisco). Unfortunate that now I'm finally in a position to afford high-quality coats and boots, I live in a place where it's totally unnecessary.

Anyway, I know Angie and some others were more seriously considering a purchase so here's to hoping someone can take advantage of the discount.

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