I went to Nordstrom to return an unsuccessful sandal purchase, and had to peruse the sale racks. In the process, I spotted this skirt and decided to try it on, since it seemed casual enough and lightweight for our hot and humid summers. I like wearing skirts in summer, but nearly all of my skirts (except for a denim skirt and one very old boho-ish skirt) are jersey knit. I like this for a breezier change of pace. I bought it and wore it the very next day, with black sandals and a black tee shirt. I got compliments on it within the first hour out of the house, at a doctor's appointment.

Just thought I'd share, especially since midi length casual skirts are not easy to find. This works especially well on someone like me who is not particularly straight or narrow-hipped -- there is a little bit of stretch in the waistline, and a slight tulip shape to the cut, which is flattering if you happen to have a pear-ish or hourglass shape. I actually think it looks better in person than in the stock photo. It might be a tiny bit sheer for the office, but I don't think it's too see-through for casual wear. The slit is a little bit high, but I think it could easily be stitched down a bit further if more modesty is desired.

I also picked up this handbag for less than half the original price. I adore this color and have already carried the bag two days in a row since buying it. It matches my current pedicure, which is really fun.