JAileen, yes, I remember that thread (think I commented on it). Tampa, for example, has both a Nordstrom's and several Rack locations. Even though customers can't return Nordstrom's things to the Rack anymore, I think that they are sent from one store to the other, without leaving the city. That's far less transit than mailing them off to the online distribution center, where ever it is, and having them either send them out to another store or destroy them, as some companies do with returns. I'm not certain of any of this, but am not currently in a position to check it out.
But whatever the situation between the Rack and Nordy's is, I don't see how it inhibits people taking returns to the store themselves and ordering replacements to pick up at the store

I don’t return to Nordstrom because the nearest one is nearly 100 miles away. I don’t think Nordstrom trashes returns. That’s why things that were out of stock come back into stock.