Angie - sensible. I like to be prepared as well. I actually managed to source my beloved DVF Zarita long in black (of course) a size down on poshmark when I lost weight. Incredible to find in the long and perfect size. So I’m sorted. But yes replacements are in a class of their own. Hope it works out!!

Angie - yes I have the gown. The first link. I think it’s officially now associated w Kate Middleton who wore it beautifully!! Also poshmark for the win. I wanted it when it came out but I could not justify the expense. Fits perfectly in the body. I need to hack over a foot off the length. But I’m not quite ready for alterations. I also don’t know which shoes. I need to wear an orthotic. It’s a disaster for pretty shoes. There don’t seem to be really dressy flat booties. But the regular Zarita dress which is about 36” so mid thigh. The long version is just over or to the knee depending on your height. On me just below knee. So imagine the extra length from the photo which is the regular Zarita. Very elegant with the v back. The little booties are beat I have for dress. Annoying but happy feet. I keep looking. That Teri Jon dress is stunning!!! I also really love the first two right side. Very elegant!!!!

Gryffin, you are dead right to wait for the hemming! I bet spectacular on you! I'd wear it in navy

As for the boots, how about black patent? Or black patent Mary Janes?

Sorry the jacket is not going to work out, but knowing your sleuthing capabilities, one in the right size will show up in time! I hope so.

Angie, those look like gorgeous dresses!

Angie - I'm not a fan of patent as they tend to scuff and crease. I usually prefer velvet or suede for dressy shoes. I do have the gentle souls bay unique. The toe is less refined then I like but they are comfy and accept an orthotic and don't migrate because of the straps. I think the bootie is a bit dressier but I wish it was a different material. I'd go retro/steampunk if I could find a velvet granny boot with ribbon laces or something like that. I just can't wear a heel any more.
Suz - I did bite the bullet of ordering the xs in the jacket. A few people similar in size took that size. No idea when it will show up. But I did send back the small and medium. I really debated about keeping the small. Looks good open, kind of the indiana jones vibe, but I really didn't love it zipped because there was too much extra fabric in the midsection even with a sweater under it. Funny, I usually buy a lot of stuff oversized, I think the fabric, being so soft, just doesn't have enough structure when it's too big on this jacket. So now I wait....

Update on the L & XL - L is too tight across shoulders; XL fits across the shoulders, but both XL and L are just too short in length. Both going back, sadly.

(normally I wear a tall 12 or 14 depending on the fit and fabric)

salt-sea - that's so disappointing. You must be taller than I am. I'm actually hoping the XS will be more cropped on me You never know until you try it on. I do hate they did not put length in inches, that's so helpful. GL on the hunt. If I see something clean with longer lines I will post for you!! The perfect jacket will appear in time!! But I do hate waiting!!

Gryffin, I think the XS is going to work! Will a Mary Jane or T-strap of sorts not work? Soooo many good retro options at the moment.

Suz, thanks. I'm receiving my first navy cocktail dress today. I'm excited

sea-salt, if you wear skirts, dresses, and wider pants, the shorter length can work well. Just a thought!