I've had my eye on the Madewell washed leather moto but at the $525 price I was not going to purchase.  This is a jacket they've had for quite sometime with silver hardware but it became available with antiqued brass hardware and Madewell is having an "insider" sale for 20% off everything. This brings the jacket price down to $393.75 with no tax and free expedited shipping. Reviews from multiple sites and multiple iterations of this jacket suggested sizing up.  I'm 5'3" 107 lb, size 2-4, 34A.  Usually take a small sometimes XS.  So I ordered a medium.  Shoulders are perfect with room in the back.  Sleeves do not run tight for me although, like other reviews they are slightly long and I have long limbs.  But they hit just below my wrist which is my preferred length. The body is slightly loose as are the arms and I'd have room for a sweater/sweatshirt underneath but it is not oversized.  The hardware is beautiful.  It's a really antiqued blackened brass, subtle, heavy well made zips but bring a softness and quiet elegance.  Although silver is my preferred metal, I often fine black leather with shiny silver hardware too jarring visually and to my eye puts too much accent on the hardware.  I think the antiqued brass is divine.  Because of the antiquing, the brass looks good with both silver and gold metals to my eye.  Size zip pockets are well placed and usable.  Leather is thin, but substantial spring weight but buttery soft, broken in and incredibly comfortable.  I was not looking for a heavy leather because I own 2 allsants (the cargo and dalby) which are too warm and heavy for warmer weather.  I do have the small jacket on order for comparison, but having tried on the medium again, I may end up staying with this sizing.  If you are looking for a lighter weight leather with antique brass hardware (vs silver) it's a very nice jacket for the price.  Because brass hardware is not all that common, I thought I'd give it a shout out!!