After @Angie's post about her (now sold out) Marks & Spencer tops that are fitted, machine washable & breathable, I thought I'd share a similar style that I stumbled upon from J.Crew. It's misleadingly called a 't-shirt' but the sleeves are definitely past the elbow:

To confuse matters even further, it seems they also have a 'painter t-shirt' with *actual* t-shirt sleeves, lol:

I'll admit that I have not tried this brand before, but I'm sorely tempted by the positive reviews & wide colour range (ticks all of my boxes for summer tops). There also seems to be just enough detailing to make the tops interesting enough to be worn alone (like the sleeve slits & the folded sides of the neckline). They seem to also have other styles on sale right now (like a square neckline). Do let me know if you try them out & they work well for you!

PS - Angie's original post: